Team NWE's Legal Expertise Series

Legal Insights for Buyers & Sellers
Join Evantz Saint-Gerard from Keller Williams Realty and Anthony C. Curcio, Esq., a leading real estate attorney, as they delve into essential legal advice for anyone involved in the real estate market in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the Bronx.
Impact of Zoning Laws on Your Property
In this conversation, Evantz Saint-Gerard and Anthony Curcio discuss the importance of zoning laws and how they affect homeowners and homebuyers. They cover topics such as zoning changes, use variances, area variances, and the requirements for obtaining a use variance. They also share a case study of a successful use variance approval and emphasize the importance of creativity and resources in navigating zoning laws. Additionally, they highlight the significance of obtaining permits and doing due diligence.
Property Disputes & Resolutions
In this conversation, Anthony W Russo, a real estate attorney, discusses various topics related to property boundaries, fence placement, and resolving disputes in real estate transactions. He emphasizes the importance of proper fence placement on property lines to avoid issues when selling a home. Russo also highlights the need for good relationships with neighbors to resolve fence placement issues. He advises against getting a new survey unless required by the municipality or for specific reasons.
Protecting Your RE Investment: Title Insurance & Property Claims
In this conversation, Evan St. Gerard and Peter Goodman discuss how to protect your real estate investment. They cover the importance of title insurance, common misconceptions, the need for professional advice, the role of a real estate attorney, building the right team, negotiating and timing in real estate deals, choosing the right realtor, and the importance of prevention and knowledge in real estate transactions. They also provide words of encouragement for those considering buying and selling.
Legal Aspects of RE Investing
This conversation provides an overview of the legal aspects of real estate investment. The main topics covered include analyzing property and zoning codes, contract and due diligence, the role of a real estate attorney, the importance of zoning approvals, minimizing risk and maximizing value, research, and experience in real estate investment, benefits of owning a two-family home, and utilizing the expertise of a real estate attorney.
Understanding Real Estate Contracts
In this episode, host Emerson Jarrad discusses understanding real estate contracts with special guest Anthony Russo. They cover the legal guide for home transactions, the process of drafting and reviewing contracts, the responsibilities of the seller's attorney and the buyer, common contract hang-ups and solutions, the importance of a real estate attorney, special contract situations, and advice for buyers and sellers. They emphasize the need for preparation, using experts, and effective communication.
Legal Guidance for Foreclosures & Short Sales
This conversation discusses the legal aspects and guidance on distressed properties, specifically short sales and foreclosures. The speakers emphasize the importance of seeking help and removing shame when facing financial difficulties. They highlight the need to listen to professionals and follow their advice. Planning and having a backup plan are crucial when selling a distressed property. The short sale process is explained, including considerations for properties with tenants.
Legal Tips For First Time Homebuyers
Looking for your dream home or aiming to sell your property in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, or the Bronx? Let's make it happen! Evantz "Evans" Saint-Gerard and Team N.W.E. at Keller Williams Realty Landmark are your go-to experts for personalized real estate solutions.
Legal Steps to Successfully Selling Your Home
In this conversation, Anthony Curcio shares valuable insights on how to have a successful real estate sale legally. He emphasizes the importance of preparing for a sale by ensuring all permits and liens are in order. Curcio also discusses the significance of understanding the contract and the potential legal issues that can arise. He highlights the impact of lis pendens on property transactions and stresses the need for title insurance.